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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekend Focus Chart: The Case For APPL

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Taking a look at the case for AAPL turning back up here: 

  • Chart 1:  APPL's favorite EMA pair had the smaller red moving average flatten out ready to lift Friday.
  • Chart 2:  APPL's midterm channel is holding at the lower line.
  • Chart 3:  APPL's thirty minute bar chart shows aggressive buying in the on-balance-volume readings since the Wednesday morning smackdown from their negative news.  Accurately measured, there has been a 50 million share buy side imbalance over the past three days.
  • Chart 4:  APPL's 120 minute bar chart, the market maker algorithm favored time view for producing price patterns has a clearly visible symmetric triangle ready to start a pronounced move.

Trade well my friends


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