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Stock Market Viewpoint
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Major Institutional Activity After Hours Friday

After the market closed Friday the big players on Wall Street got busy.  There were a number of large institutional SPY trades which included three "twin" trades where Wall Street institutions make sure other large institutions know that it is them making the trade and not a large hedge fund.  The largest of the trades, the twin 2.95 million trades, are most likely Goldman and the third 2.95 million trade added later was an exclamation point.  The trades are shown in the after hours trade log filtered for 100k and above trades (shown below).

Were these trades by the big boys actually buys where they gained confidence in the fact that the SPY popped above its 200 day SMA Friday?  Or were they exiting after making an amazing eight percent on the SPY in the first three weeks of October?  

Trade well my friends