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Stock Market Viewpoint
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Another intraday look...

Had to stop by my office for lunch, checked the trades again - CIGX limit buy order 1.90 executed shortly after the open. It moved up too far too fast so I manually sold out at 2.16 for 13% profit intraday on huge volume. Decided to sell BYD because it is up against serious resistance line and today's volume wasn't great, manually out at 8.94 for 8% profit for 2 days.

As I mentioned over the weekend, I am looking for some sort of pullback in market this afternoon and I don't want to let any of the CIGX come back against me but I do think it will continue going higher after the pullback so I am re-entering a new stop limit buy order for 2.26 so that when it does begin its next push upward I will automatically be put back in it. Also, I manually exited RDN at 9.37 for 5% profit for 2 days.


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