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Stock Market Viewpoint
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

401k - Stock Funds vs Bond Funds 9/4/11

Stock Market Technical Analysis

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401k self management :  Thursday morning's sell stocks / buy bonds signal is a minor signal (thin red/green lines) but still in effect.  The major sell stocks / buy bonds signal from July 28th is also still in effect. 
Friday's big bond move upward could get a little too high really quick but as of Friday's close, we are still under Thursday morning's minor sell stocks / buy bonds signal.

If you only occasionally check your 401k, you could use the thick colored lines as major switch points. If you can actively manage your 401k, you could switch back and forth on each thin line signal also.

Hopefully these guidelines will be a helpful tool in your 401k allocation decisions.
Please see risk disclaimer at bottom.


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