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Monday, December 17, 2012

AAPL Lifts the Market

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Following up from Friday's blog, AAPL tested the safety net 432 EMA line in the premarket this morning and ripped higher through the day for a $20 plus gain from the premarket launch and lifted the market for a huge gain.

Looking at the charts above:

  • Chart 1:  Thr Nasdaq regained the horizontal channel and made its way to the blue incline channel.
  • Chart 2:  The VIX slipped out of the stock unfriendly blue channel.
  • Chart 3:  The VIX's green EMA prevented the red from crossing above as it did two weeks ago.
  • Chart 5 & 6:  We see bullish reversal candles on the week and day of AAPL.
  • Chart 7:  AAPL's bounce today from its 432 EMA line.
  • Chart 8:  AAPL's intraday run from 500 to 520.
Looking at the lower cluster above:
  • Top chart:  SPY bounced up from the lower line of its 16-month uphill blue channel today.
  • Lower chart:  AAPL bounced up from the lower line of its 10-month downhill blue channel.
If you follow my tweets, midday Friday I tweeted that I was expecting a breakthrough in the fiscal cliff negotiations today.  I knew it would be ideal for such an announcement to be timed with a big market lift point.  Today we had multiple breakthrough announcements.


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