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Thursday, December 6, 2012


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In the premarket trading today, AAPL slipped through its Day 324 EMA line shown in the left chart above.  Shortly after the open this morning AAPL dropped down to $519 where I immediately tweeted that if they did not step in and rescue AAPL,  its decline would have only just begun.  About ten minutes later they did step in and ran AAPL up $35 over the next hour from $519 to $553.  The AAPL 555  Calls were $3 when I tweeted how the rescue must happen here in the chart and they were at $12.35 approximately an hour later when AAPL was $35 higher for a 400% plus option gain.  While I had to leave my computer for the day shortly after my tweet, hopefully some of my followers caught the play.


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